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Employment Law

• Discrimination
As an experienced employment discrimination attorney, Jennifer aggressively represents individuals against their employers in discrimination lawsuits. Discrimination claims arise from the alleged actions or omissions of a company that results in an employee suffering unequal treatment or an adverse employment action because of:

• Physical or mental disability
• Religion
• Race
• Sex
• Sexual Orientation
• Age
• Pregnancy
• Gender
• National Origin

Discrimination may be suspected when an employee perceives unequal treatment with respect to:
• Hiring
• Discipline
• Promotions/Demotions
• Termination
• Performance reviews
• Work assignments
• Work environment/Hostile work environment
• Training
• Wages/benefits
• Family or Medical Leave
• Utilization of Workers Compensation benefits

Many employment discrimination actions must begin with a Charge of Discrimination being filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Jennifer Hitchcock can draft and file the Charge for you and assist you through the process. Although the EEOC process is an administrative remedy that must be followed when federal discrimination claims are to be brought, trust that the employer will be represented by an attorney through this process.  Many times, during this preliminary phase mediation or negotiation can take place.  Jennifer and her team will assist you in achieving the best possible outcome, and if an agreement cannot be reached during this time, she will take your case to court and aggressively defend your rights.

• Sexual Harassment
You should never have to experience sexual harassment in your workplace, but yet, at times these heinous acts by others put people at risk. If you have been sexually harassed, you have the right to stand up for yourself and to seek compensation for any damages. Call us to learn more.

• Retaliation
Employers have no right to retaliate against employees for exercising their right to request or use FMLA or workers compensation. If your employer has retaliated against you for those reasons, or because you objected to or reported unlawful conduct in the workplace, you may have a claim of Retaliation.

• Wage Disputes
You have the right to be paid for your work, if there are disputes over wages or hours, please contact our office to discuss your rights.

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